How to keep your memory fit as you get older


How to keep your memory fit as you get older

Without taking appropriate action the avoidable debilitating effects of getting older may catch-up with the inevitable passage of time.We are often preoccupied with the physical decline in our bodies but what is possibly worse is when our mind begins to show signs of failing.Forgetfulness and becoming slower in our thinking can give rise to great upset and a feeling of isolation, even if the cause is not the result of any specific condition such as dementia. There is good news. According to The Harvard Medical School decades of research conclude that certain strategies will help protect and sharpen our brains.With some time and effort put in the brain can be strengthened by certain training just like a muscle, preventing some of age-related cognitive decline so as to keep your brain sharper.


What is not often appreciated is that exercise can help strengthen your brain as well as keep your body strong and healthy.Short-term memory improvement is one of the main benefits noticeable in older people who have started an exercise regime and particularly one involving lots of cardiovascular work.

brain training


Regular use of your brain in creative ways can avoid it deteriorating.The saying ‘use it or lose it’ applies here.

Experts at Harvard think that advanced education may help keep memory strong by getting a person into the habit of being mentally active. They say that challenging your brain with mental exercise is believed to activate processes that help maintain individual brain cells and stimulate communication among them. Many people have jobs that keep them mentally active, but pursuing a hobby or learning a new skill can function the same way. Read; join a book group; play chess or bridge; write your life story; do crossword or jigsaw puzzles; take a class; pursue music or art; design a new garden layout.That said though, anything will help – even just reading occasionally.


Although healthy eating lowers your risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, it’s not yet clear if that’s true for Alzheimer’s disease as well. It’s not a lost cause though. Here are 9 foods that researchers think will keep your whole body, including your brain, healthy.

The right diet can do wonders for looking after your brain and helping to prevent the onset of various neurological diseases or general deterioration. Particularly useful are fatty acids such as omega 3 which you can get from fish and supplements, vitamins such as B9 (also known as folic acid) which can be found in fruits and veg and amino acids (proteins) which you can get from meat or from supplementation – from ‘Age Slower’ by David Jones


Your lifestyle can also impact on your mental health. Your sleep regime and fresh air can affect your brain, and alcohol consumption can also have a big impact.

Some easy steps to a better quality of sleep

Staying Active

In Japan, particularly in Okinawa, always keeping busy is seen as giving a sense of purpose in life and supports a concept known as Ikigai. Having something to get up in the morning to do is central to their way of life and is credited with giving the Okinawans a long life expectancy such that they tend to live much longer than those in the rest of the world’s population.What is more they enjoy enviable levels of vitality and health unthinkable for people of advanced age almost any where else in the world.

“One surprising thing you notice,living in Japan, is how active people remain after they retire .In fact, many Japanese people never really retire – they keep doing what they love for as long as their health allows”

– Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles



Best Fitness Exercises Can Delay or Prevent Illness in Laterlife/feed//feed//feed//feed/

some people doing yoga exercise
An image of some people doing yoga exercises -dollarphotoclub credit

One of the abiding myths as we age is that illness and loss of physical ability are inevitable, and much reduced quality of life must follow.The good news is that this is simply not true.Although,when you grow older, keeping energy up, your independence intact and staying free of illnesses and pain does become more difficult.

According to the nihseniorhealth website – staying physically active and exercising regularly can produce long-term health benefits and even improve health for some abler people who already have diseases and disabilities.That’s why health experts say that older people should aim to be as active as possible
Continue reading “Best Fitness Exercises Can Delay or Prevent Illness in Laterlife/feed//feed//feed//feed/”

Simple mindfulness fundamentals


Akuppa John Wigham creative commons
Akuppa John Wigham creative commons

If you have visited a good bookshop recently you will probably have noticed the groaning shelves straining to support the great number of books written about the simple meditative state of awareness which is called mindfulness.Largely unknown in the West until the 1970s, Asian religions have been been practising meditation techniques,including mindfulness, since around 5th and 6th BCE.

What is mindfulness? Continue reading “Simple mindfulness fundamentals”

The great myth of advancing years/feed//feed//feed/


fresh idea from dollarphotoclub
fresh idea from dollarphotoclub

If you are not ready to contemplate retirement having reached a certain age you’ll find the book “Smashing the Age Barrier: The Ultimate Survival Guide to Success and Happiness” a useful point of reference and the road map you may have been looking for to help further your aims.It may not have all the answers for you personally, but it has an abundance of strategies and resources to think about and act on. The author, clearly himself not ready to retire to the golf course, sets out to blow away the great myth about advancing years.If you do not wish to you do not have to retreat from life, change your lifestyle, slow down,and live out the rest of your life in slow motion. The purpose of his book is to provide a step by step guide to achieving your purpose,aims and ambitions in life, regardless of your age. Continue reading “The great myth of advancing years/feed//feed//feed/”

The Best of the60life in May

via dollarphotoclub - the good life
via dollarphotoclub – the good life

Nearing the end of a busy month. The following are the Best of the60life in May  which you may have missed: Continue reading “The Best of the60life in May”

Why the way we breathe is so important to our health


Who says so?

It seems a great many people do. A current google search using a keyword such as “breathing” will produce many tens of millions of references, many pointing to advice and information, much of which is clear It and helpful in our daily lives. It is clearly an important subject.So why add to the many millions of words already swirling around the internet, and elsewhere in books and magazines? Some messages are so important that they cannot be reinforced in the general population too often, one such is : Breath is Life. Continue reading “Why the way we breathe is so important to our health”

The short guide to dealing with stress in later life

Boredom in retirement -that'll be the day!
Boredom in retirement -that’ll be the day!

Of course stress has no respect for age.We know it’s part of life.Its destructive nature can affect anyone at any time, and the long term effects can creep up like a shadows in the night inflicting their damage to our health, catching us unawares.The natural ability to withstand the persistent onslaught of stress is much degraded,as we grow older, but succumbing to ravages to health is not inevitable. Continue reading “The short guide to dealing with stress in later life”

Why changing some old habits can benefit you in later life

How's this for a good habit?
How’s this for a good habit?

Breaking old habits of a lifetime is just what the doctor ordered if,for your health’s sake,you take for inspiration that you’re never too old to adopt new healthful habits. The rewards: In the Johns Hopkins-led Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis,which tracked more than 6,000 people ages 44 to 84 for over seven years, those who made good-for-you changes like quitting smoking, following a Mediterranean diet, getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight decreased their risk of death in the time period by 80 percent. The following changes not only keep you healthy, they can help slow down the ageing process, inside and out. Continue reading “Why changing some old habits can benefit you in later life”

9 of the best websites for walking events in the UK for all ages

via dollarphotoclub
via dollarphotoclub

Regardless of the growing success of the month of May as National Walking Month, the appeal of gathering and walking in groups has risen apace in many other months of the year.This can only be to the general benefit of the now large number of people who look to walking in groups as a fun and healthy thing to do. Continue reading “9 of the best websites for walking events in the UK for all ages”

How to be physically flexible at any age

dollarphotoclub (c)
dollarphotoclub (c)

Flexibility is something we all need in our everyday lives in order to function properly and with relative ease.It provides a range of movement in a joint or joints, and muscles across joints.Without this ability, everyday activities, even simple personal ones, become more difficult to carry out. Also a person’s balance can be seriously affected leading perhaps to being prone to falls resulting in further injury.The problem is that as we age our flexibility tends to deteriorate,and also this resultant lack of function has often become worse over time because of a sedentary lifestyle.Many of us take take flexibility for granted until we begin to lose it. Part of the problem is therefore unconsciously self-inflicted.So what to do if afflicted, say, with back pain or loss of mobility? Continue reading “How to be physically flexible at any age”

5 mythbusting articles you may have missed at the60life blog about your health in later life/feed//feed//feed//feed/


There are many misconceptions about getting older.One of these is that older people inevitably will suffer from significant age-related decline in health.This is what many parents and grandparents of those now in their 60s and 70s were led to believe.With a lower life expectation they also seemed to be condemned to a short retirement in ill-health before death. Society and culture did not expect any more from older people. The stereotypes were out there with ‘pipe and slippers’ often the onlyreward at the end of a working life. Nowadays so much has changed and with good reason.Apart from people wanting more out of life the realisation has surfaced that in reality something can be done to prolong an active life.

Myth 1: Trying to improve fitness in older age is pointless Continue reading “5 mythbusting articles you may have missed at the60life blog about your health in later life/feed//feed//feed//feed/”

The really simple way to walk for health in later life

Happy senior couple hiking in the park (dollarphotoclub)
Happy senior couple hiking in the park (dollarphotoclub)



The problem for many of us today is that we just do not exercise enough. This can have dire consequences as we age.

According to the Lancet medical journal,about two thirds of the adult population in the UK does not take sufficient exercise and are endangering their health.The British Heart Foundation 2015 physical activity survey revealed that only 30% of over 75s meet a reasonable physical level of activity. These are astonishing statistics,and if we don’t use our physical ability to take reasonable levels of exercise we will eventually lose it.

In the UK and the US health authorities  tend to agree that we should strive to achieve 10,000 steps each day equivalent to about 5 miles.The average person in the UK reaches around 3000-4000 steps daily according to the NHS( in the US this figure is said to be around 5,200 -5,900)

There is a simple way we can individually deal with this problem of low activity, and that is by walking for health in later life. Continue reading “The really simple way to walk for health in later life”

Top March event Sport Relief 2016 discovered Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em still

Simple Life Reunion 2057
Gruhn creative commons

Sports Relief 2016 gave a platform for Michael Crawford to reprise his Frank Spencer character last played on TV 42 years ago.With an hilarious ten minute sketch Frank has several hair raising adventures on bicycle or roller skates in his typical physical comedy style.Although the sketch was widely acclaimed much comment has been made about the fact that Michael Crawford is 74 years old and, of course,considered to be a pensioner.What’s he doing all this for at his age? Many might say :Is he up to it?Wasn’t it all a long time ago when the series he starred in finished?

Apparently, this sketch was to be a ‘one-off’ in aid of charity.It took many weeks to bring to the screen.Michael might be a little stung by the age remarks.It seems he is not concerned.As in his earlier career, he did all his own stunts.Which brings us nicely to a wonderful web page featuring other senior people acting in most unexpected ways. Is it not time that the ‘old person’ stereotype was buried once and for all? Times they are a changing in our senior classes.Many people are not settling for retirement from life.They are embracing later life with both hands,working enthusiastically at remaining fitter for longer, and enjoying active and fulfilling lives.

So do spend a few moments here being entertained and amazed by a veritable ‘troupe’ of impressive people who are destroying age stereotypes.

Oh…and you can still donate to Sport Relief 2016 to support its work on projects for people in essential need in many places around the world.




5 Tips to Give You Time to Enjoy Your Healing garden/feed/

Over many centuries monasteries and hospitals have valued the restorative benefits of having a garden in close proximity to people who are suffering sickness. A garden setting provides calmness, a path to creativity and a new appreciation for everything that surrounds us. It transports us from the stress of the world to a place of peace and tranquility and restores our minds and bodies like nothing else can do.You can benefit from the healing properties of nature by planning your own healing garden. Continue reading “5 Tips to Give You Time to Enjoy Your Healing garden/feed/”

How to Lift Your Health Balance and Strength Using Light Weights/feed/



As we age, most people notice a range of changes in their health. One change might not seem like such a big deal, but more than one can add up to poor health long-term. For example, we might notice we are not as strong as we once were. We might discover that our balance isn’t what it used to be. As a result we may be prone to losing our balance and injuring ourselves due to slips, trips and falls. Continue reading “How to Lift Your Health Balance and Strength Using Light Weights/feed/”

The 17 health benefits you can hold onto in later life



17 Health Plus Benefits

7 strength training benefits for older people

17 Health Benefits
Following an earlier article on the, this article introduces a major series to be posted on this site about the numerous benefits of strength training at any age.

Until recently, loss of muscle was generally believed to be inevitable as we progress into later life.This discouraging belief has now been firmly dispelled by the findings of new scientific studies which show that an increase in frailty with age is not inevitable and can be controlled to a significant degree through lifestyle change, particularly through taking more exercise. Continue reading “The 17 health benefits you can hold onto in later life”

If you must spend time on the sofa do this for your health and wellbeing


sofa so good -  @ dollarphotoclub
sofa so good – @ dollarphotoclub

This piece is about spending less of our waking day sitting down and using more time throughout the day improving your wellbeing and fitness. The importance of exercise at whatever age for longer life has been bandied about a lot in the media recently.It seems we are not listening.But scientists confirm exercise is the answer to keeping fit and well.
Continue reading “If you must spend time on the sofa do this for your health and wellbeing”

Youthful strategies for Boomers and beyond


As we age, changes occur in our bodies and minds, but there are certain ways you can resist the downside of ageing and take steps to prevent diseases which prey on older bodies. This report gives you guidance on steps to take to help you feel spry and live longer as the years pass.

No matter what your age or level of fitness, you can begin an exercise programme to help you overcome the many detrimental changes which make you look and feel old. For example, certain exercises can help your balance – so you don’t fall as easily and risk broken bones and a long term recovery period.< Continue reading “Youthful strategies for Boomers and beyond”

Why you can profit from being over age 65 if you are older active enough?

Derrick Evans, better known as "Mr. Motivator”  with aerobics team, Harry Nash,  Nigel Iskander, Anthony Shorter,  Hi Chu Yap, Judy Hill, Mangala Harris, Green Park, London
Derrick Evans, better known as “Mr. Motivator” with aerobics team, Harry Nash, Nigel Iskander, Anthony Shorter, Hi Chu Yap, Judy Hill, Mangala Harris, Green Park, London




Calling all you older actives who follow active lifestyles and love to keep fit!

If you are over 65 and think you are able and fit enough you can enter a national competition sponsored by Ateronon to find the 2015 Older Actives Champion.There will be prizes for the the winners of nine regional heats who will go on to the national final to be held later this year.Each of these winners will receive a medal together with £500 worth of Ateronon products and £100 of Marks and Spencer vouchers. In addition to the prizes won at regional level, the 2015 Champion will receive a trophy and £1,000 worth of UK holiday vouchers. Continue reading “Why you can profit from being over age 65 if you are older active enough?”

How to harness the vast health benefits of the tomato for later life

tomato motif
by courtesy of dollarphotoclub

Almost 200 years ago, the tomato as part of the nightshade family was considered  poisonous. It is therefore hard to believe that this fruit has been rehabilitated  as a wonder food. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins A and C and folic acid. They contain a wide array of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, including alpha-lipoic acid, lycopene. The consumption of tomatoes has been credited with beneficial  health qualities including the prevention and alleviation of a number of serious health conditions including Continue reading “How to harness the vast health benefits of the tomato for later life”

How you can take charge and simply reverse ageing

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean You’re Finished!

Are you concerned with the quality of life as you age? Do any of the following resonate with your experiences?

  • The thought of sliding into infirmity leaves you frightened and depressed
  • On more than one occasion you struggled to find the words to complete a thought
  • You fear losing your independence and ability to take care of yourself
  • The thought of just fading away in loneliness and isolation is downright depressing
  • It seems that worrying about growing old is constantly nagging at you

You aren’t alone.

There are almost 40 million people over the age of 65 in the United States. That is nearly 13% of the population. By 2030 there will be more than 72 million older persons making up 19% of the population.

The trend is similar for European countries. It is estimated that during the period from 2013 to 2080 the percentage of the working age population will shrink, while people over 65 will account for an increasing share of the total population. Continue reading “How you can take charge and simply reverse ageing”