UK helpline for lonesome older people launched


Believing that there is a serious need in the UK for a new service to help pensioners who suffer from loneliness, Esther Ranzten of  That’s Life! fame has recently launched Silver Line. In these days of potential information overload, help in making the right links to appropriate resources for a disadvantaged section of our society would seem to be great idea.
Silver Line with some founder sponsors and ongoing public donations has set itself-up to act as a ‘befriending’ organisation which those in need of its services can access by telephone 24/7. Trained advisors will be on hand to provide free and confidential advice, and of course a comforting word.
0800 4 70 80 90
Of course, many older people of pension age are not lonely, in the sense that living alone they are unhappy with that condition. But for others, there will be that constant debilitating feeling of being left adrift from mainstream society.This feeling of no longer having purpose in life with no tangible contact with other people may arise from from many causes. Perhaps the sudden lack of camaraderie provided by an active and busy workplace, little social interaction from enforced immobility from accident or illness, the lost contacts as family members move or pass away.
0800 4 70 80 90
The helpline advisers will help to point callers in the right direction for resources specific to a caller’s needs. That might be locating services in a local area provided by say, ageUK or the Royal Voluntary Service which can give further advice and offer companionship.
0800 4 70 80 90 
Many elderly people are not be prepared to admit they are lonely.They maybe too proud,or they may fear the prospect of inviting someone to ‘befriend’ them. Trained advisers will attempt to break down these issues,with security of the individual very much in mind.
The service of course requires public financial support, and there are opportunities to become a volunteer and an adviser to the cause. This may be just for you, if you now find  you have more time to spare and would like to help people in need.
0800 4 70 80 90
It these times, it seems to me that another such help link is to be welcomed. Some may feel they are being patronised. But from the TV and press coverage, and public reaction, to the announcement of the new service, it has been generally well received.
The founder,Esther Rantzen, was successful with the child line she set-up 27 years ago which now forms part of the NSPCC.
If you can bear the jingle when you go to the Silver Line website you will find the contact telephone details if you haven’t spotted them already in this post! Do let me have your views.

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