UK Law maybe changed to give grandparents legal right access to their grandchildren

According to the Daily Mail , Grandparents are to be given legal rights of access to their grandchildren after a family breakdown or divorce:
‘A report will today set out radical proposals to enshrine in law greater rights for grandparents to stay in contact when couples split, Whitehall sources revealed.’ The Daily Mail article continues:
‘The review of the family justice system will also mean couples being pushed into mediation to sort out contact arrangements rather than resorting to the courts.’

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‘The Children Act 1989 gave step-parents who have lived as part of a family for three years the right to apply for contact, but did not extend the same right to grandparents.’
Read more: Grandparents legal right access grandchildren on divorce

This thorny issue will doubtless run and run,with no easy options, and where the the best interests of the children must be paramount.

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