Want to become the next big author?

  • Want to become the next big author? Tips and Quips.

  • Could you write your autobiography?

  • Are health-related websites good for your health?

Three questions for you this week, with some more information I hope will be of interest to you.


Want to become the next big author?


From Laurie Pawlik-Tienlen, writer and blogger, who writes Tips and Quips for Successful Writers:

‘These writing tips from famous authors will help you learn how to become a writer. After all, the first step to becoming a writer – to calling yourself a “real” writer – is defining what “real writer” means to you. And that’s what these writing tips and quips from famous authors are all about!’

Catch these Tips and Quips at:


She continues:

‘To get the ball rolling, here’s one of my favourite quips and tips:

“What I did have, which others perhaps didn’t, was a capacity for sticking at it, which really is the point, not the talent at all. You have to stick at it.” ~ Doris Lessing.

There will be more on becoming the next big author next time.


Are health-related websites good for your health?


Last time, I drew your attention to a number of websites which have been accredited with the Information Standard for reliable information on health matters. The internet is an amazing source of information on health related matters, but it is also a place of misleading and downright wrong information for the unwary.

In addition to the 10 sites I posted to the Your Health page at

http://www.the60life.com , here are two more which are certified members of the Information Standard:

1.    At the National Electronic Library for Medicines, you can find out more about a particular drug which may have been prescribed for you by your doctor.


2.    The second site is BootsWebMD , where in addition to lots of health advice for both men and women, you can access a sophisticated symptom checker giving an A-Z of health conditions.



Could You Write Your Autobiography?


In case you missed this last topic time, here’s a writing project with a difference. Could you write your own autobiography?

This report from the website,  laterlife.com:

“Now you can receive expert guidance from published author Jackie Sherman who has been running “Writing your Autobiography” courses since 2008 and for the first time is offering a home-based course for Laterlife visitors with personal feedback at the end of every module.

  • Do you regret not knowing more about your parents or grandparents and don’t want your descendants to feel the same way?
  • Do you have stories in your head that you really want to share?
  • Have you been asked by family or friends to write your memoirs but keep putting it off?
  • Do you want to be a writer but don’t know what to write about, or wonder if you will be good enough?


  • Do you know someone else who is always talking about their life but needs encouragement to put their story down on paper?”

You can check-out the home-based course at


’til next time.

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