Want to write that book?

Now that you find you have more time, or wish to use your extra time in a more pleasurable, even perhaps more profitable way, you may hanker to write a book.  

Maybe you have always had in mind to write, if only you had more time. But you are held back on where and how to start? Perhaps you want to have a go at short story writing, or poetry. Many of us feel there is a non-fictional book inside us, which we could write about a special interest or some life experience. How about a play or a novel? Well my free report is full of advice for newbie and occasional writers alike. To claim your copy, simply follow this link www.the60lifeweekly.com.  You can immediately download Succeed As A Writer. It won’t cost you a penny.

Your first step is to take action. This is a good place to start. You can quickly establish the habit of writing a little every day . Here is your FREE copy of Succeed As A Writer to help point you in the right direction,  both in terms of application and what to write about . Check it out at at www.the60lifeweekly.com.

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