Warning, how to avoid this online threat to your money

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7th October 2010

· Warning, how to avoid this online threat to your money
· Why we should get hot and sweaty in our 60s
· Tip of the Week: Shrug your shoulder


This week, let me share with you one of my daily concerns about the internet, security. The internet is a wonderful space, but for the unwary it has become a dangerous place. You may have heard recently of the couple who booked a holiday abroad only to find when they arrived at their destination that the accommodation they thought they had did not exist. Their money was lost. You can check out other similar stories below…

Warning, how to avoid this online threat to your money

The City of London Police has received dozens of reports of advertisements for non-existent villas and apartments since the establishment of the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) in June.

Villas in popular destinations, such as Cyprus, have been the target of fraudsters advertising non-existent holiday rentals

Det Supt Bob Wishart, from the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Department, advised travellers to take extra care when booking properties over the internet, and warned agents to be wary of which suppliers they work with.

“As a result of the work of the NFIB we are seeing for the first time substantial numbers of people reporting villa fraud,” said Mr Wishart . “We’d advise anyone looking to book a holiday online to use reputable websites, and look for agents who are ABTA and Atol affiliated.”

Research carried out by Get Safe Online, a government-backed initiative aimed at increasing awareness of internet scams, revealed that one in three internet users failed to check whether the company they booked with was a member of a recognised travel association.

For more on the stories of internet fraud and tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud you can check out the Daily Telegraph report at


The link for the Government backed Get Safe Online is

getsafeonline.org-for free advice

Why we should get hot and sweaty in our 60s


Bestselling novelist Rosie Thomas says exercise is vital as you get older. She takes some exercise for at least an hour a day.

Running a marathon in 2006 at the age of 59 showed her how vital exercise was to her. Although now ” a leisurely six miles is about my limit ” She strongly believes ” that as we hit our ‘free time’ in our 60s, instead of slacking off we should increase our activity levels – gently at first, if we’re not used to it, but deliberately – to the point of regularly becoming sweaty and breathless.” Her GP agrees.

You can read more of Rosie’s exploits and exercise regime in the Daily Mail report at


I am looking to review Rosie’s latest novel which is available in bookshops now: “Lovers and Newcomers”( published by Harper)

Tip of the Week: Shrug your shoulders!
If you, like me, spend time at your computer, why not try this when next you feel tired, and your shoulders are stiff with tension. Step away from your computer and, while standing straight take a deep breath, raise your shoulders as though in an exaggerated shrug, and hold the position for several seconds. Then exhale and relax your shoulders.

I find if I do this gentle exercise two or three times, in quick succession, that much of the tiredness quickly goes out of my shoulders. Go on try it. It works for me. I try to remember to do this at the end of regular short periods at the keyboard, with beneficial effect.

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