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All together now!

It’s not what I expected to find on my recent visit to a local garden centre.It was not so much that I would not expect to see free newspapers or promotional material on a stand at the check-out point for passing customers to pick-up.No, my surprise was that I had not seen this publication before. I duly lifted a copy of All Together Now! returned to a seat in the coffee shop and read it from front to back.Having nursed a cup of coffee for as long as I felt was reasonable, I went home.

Now in its ninth year of publication

Chock-full of entertaining but above all informative articles and news items, All Together Now! is the messenger for a registered charity dedicated to providing a a top class news service for anyone whose life is affected by disability,long term health conditions or age. Now in the ninth year of publication, its area of coverage is the North West of England, although it now reaches a much wider audience with its digital newsletter offspring. The content is light in touch, bright, positive in tone, and above all likely to be very helpful for a range of age groups and disabilities.

In the June/July 2014 issue, features and news include:

-the creation of robots that enable people to walk again
-latest developments designed to make it easier for those with hearing or speech disability to make phone calls
-how yo obtain a downloadable easy read guide on using a mobile phone for people with learning difficulties
-news of improvements to be made in access at train stations for disabled people
-how to protect yourself from bogus callers at home
-recently announced changes in ISA rules
-views on the future of caring for older people
– a driving licence renewal reminder and tips for the over 70s,
and much, much more

I like its light, but not flippant, way of reporting serious issues affecting health and age challenged people particularly in the North West, and also elsewhere.

There is plenty of human interest and inspiring personal adventure stories galore,and hand in hand there is a wish to its readers to have fun and seek to be entertained.

I am signing-up for the digital fortnightly e-newsletter. This is a publication that deserves a much wider readership in the UK.

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