When are you too old to do your job?

That ‘old’ age thing has been recently been rearing its weary head in the corridors of the BBC Centre. It is a change to hear that veteran news presenter, and 60-lifer, Julia Somerville, has been appointed to the team presenting the prime time late-evening news bulletin.
The last time she was seen on prime time BBC News was 1987, according to the Daily Mail. Congratulations,BBC! Why should this revelation be so remarkable, if she is well qualified,experienced,and has a great presence for the job. Shame on you! Did you just whisper her age: 63 years of age? If there is a turning tide against age discrimination, this looks to be a good example of where a person’s age was, rightly, considered irrelevant for a high-profile appointment. For a full report check-out here…

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