Why a tomato pill could cut your risk of heart attack

rich tomato




Following a study by experts from Cambridge University, claims by scientists have been recently reported that a single pill taken daily could quickly and dramatically reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

According to Ian Wilkinson, director of the University’s clinical trials unit ,  “these results [from the study]are good news and potentially very significant .” The “wonder pill”, a natural health remedy is packed full of bio-available lycopene obtained from the skin of tomatoes. Called Ateronon,this pill allows a modified  type of lycopene to be easily absorbed by the body in the blood stream. Normally lycopene from our diet , which is known to be beneficial in softening hardened and damaged arteries and aid blood flow, is not so easily taken into the blood stream.

Ateronon, being hailed by experts as “very exciting indeed” has been around for a while, and was seen primarily as an aid to improving arterial efficiency. Now, it is believed, the benefits of taking a single pill each day extend to significant reduction in the risks of heart attacks and strokes, and may even offer the potential to fight other major illnesses.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, the exciting study was taken of a small group of people , average age 67 years , in certain at risk categories – some with pre-existing heart disease – and,it is acknowledged by the Cambridge experts that these are preliminary results and need to be backed by much longer and wider clinical trials, to confirm these early findings. Promising,though, and something to keep our eye on as further information from promised future trials comes through. To read further about this health product claimed to have captured the health secret of the Mediterranean diet… Also interesting to note that the health product has caught the attention of the American Heart Association’s Winter conference attended by 17,000 cardiologists and circulatory specialists.


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