Why you can profit from being over age 65 if you are older active enough?

Derrick Evans, better known as "Mr. Motivator”  with aerobics team, Harry Nash,  Nigel Iskander, Anthony Shorter,  Hi Chu Yap, Judy Hill, Mangala Harris, Green Park, London
Derrick Evans, better known as “Mr. Motivator” with aerobics team, Harry Nash, Nigel Iskander, Anthony Shorter, Hi Chu Yap, Judy Hill, Mangala Harris, Green Park, London




Calling all you older actives who follow active lifestyles and love to keep fit!

If you are over 65 and think you are able and fit enough you can enter a national competition sponsored by Ateronon to find the 2015 Older Actives Champion.There will be prizes for the the winners of nine regional heats who will go on to the national final to be held later this year.Each of these winners will receive a medal together with £500 worth of Ateronon products and £100 of Marks and Spencer vouchers. In addition to the prizes won at regional level, the 2015 Champion will receive a trophy and £1,000 worth of UK holiday vouchers.

The competition has been launched by Mr Motivator, who you will remember was a regular on UK morning television in the early 1990s and burst onto our screens clad in brightly coloured spandex outfits.Now well known for his motivational and fitness training he continues at age 62 to express his own infectious brand of exercise routines worldwide.

In his own words: “My whole ethos in life is about looking after myself and when I was asked to launch this campaign, I literally jumped at the chance.Celebrating exercise in older age is something we all need to embrace and the Older Actives campaign will reward those who include fitness in their daily life.

“Anyone can fit exercise into their routine,whether that’s taking the stairs instead of the lift, a walk to the shops or going to the supermarket and lifting cans!You don’t need to spend a fortune to stay fit and healthy and I think this campaign is a great way to inspire people of my generation to get active.”

The launch of the Older Actives Campaign supports a new product called Ateronon Active, a natural supplement aimed at providing relief for those with aches and pains.It can also assist anyone who still exercises and wants to combat the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Mr Motivator with Mangala Harris (75) and Judy Hill (65) as they launch the Older Actives competition to find the most active person over 65 years old

Chris Meaney,Head of Marketing at Ateronon Active, added:”This is a great campaign for us to get behind as it sits perfectly with Ateronon’s brand value of helping people live healthier, more active lifestyles.

“We want to celebrate the achievements of the older generation and hopefully inspire others along the way.”

The competition organisers are at pains to emphasise that eligible entrants do not have to be a super athletes to be in contention.Remember, if you are an active person over 65 and enjoy a regular form of exercise say, swimming, aerobics, or even gardening, they say you have a chance of winning the Older Actives Competition.

The regions to be included for the heats are:

Northern Ireland
North East
North West
East England
South East England
South West England

So what are you waiting for? Put on your trainers and enter the competition.You can enter in one of several ways:

By post to : Ateronon, CamNutra Ltd,Bishop Bateman Court,Thompson Lane, Cambridge CB5 8AQ

Online @ : www.olderactives.co.uk

By phone: 0845 505 0090
In Mr Motivator’s words:” Everybody say yeah!”

Good Luck!


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