Will you be ready to receive your New Year energy bills?

Winter draws on! It’s the big switch on:lights,fires,heaters, and electric blankets. Now is the time to benefit from a little forward planning in this burn-now-pay-later season.

According to The Money Saving Expert:

Many people on standard tariffs can currently save over £300 a year by switching to the cheapest online deals, plus get up to £30 cashback or a crate of wine for doing it.

And it’s no big deal: only price and customer service change; you get the same gas, electricity, pipes, meter & safety.”

He says: “Switch NOW! Energy price HIKES are back – save £300…”

and further reports that…”Scottish & Southern Energy (S&SE) has announced it’s hiking gas prices an average 9.4% on 1 Dec. Industry insiders now predict the other big six will follow soon, probably in the next few weeks if not by January at the latest…” Check the details out it at moneysavingexpert.com

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