Youthful strategies for Boomers and beyond


As we age, changes occur in our bodies and minds, but there are certain ways you can resist the downside of ageing and take steps to prevent diseases which prey on older bodies. This report gives you guidance on steps to take to help you feel spry and live longer as the years pass.

No matter what your age or level of fitness, you can begin an exercise programme to help you overcome the many detrimental changes which make you look and feel old. For example, certain exercises can help your balance – so you don’t fall as easily and risk broken bones and a long term recovery period.<

Diet can also help you resist ageing. The foods you choose are a definite plus or minus to the ageing process and keeping you looking and feeling young and energetic. Your skin will show the result of your diet as will your organs and you should choose everything you consume accordingly. It may be necessary to change your entire way of thinking about food because of the way food is digested as you age.

“The Rejuvenation Age – Youthful Strategies For Boomers & Beyond ” explores the various methods of looking young and protecting yourself from maladies which may affect you as you age. You’ll find posture is very important – not only for the way you look, but to keep your organs (especially your digestive tract) working properly.
It’s important to test your fitness level before embarking on any type of exercise or diet programme. You’ll discover how to test your fitness level and how to choose the type of exercises you’ll enjoy and continue performing rather than giving up because it’s too difficult or you’re bored.

You’ll also learn about future trends designed to keep you young and healthy. Even the clothes you wear can help you fight against certain diseases and alert you to problems you might be experiencing.

“The Rejuvenation Age – Youthful Strategies For Boomers & Beyond ” can change your life for the better by helping you turn back the ageing clock so you’ll feel better, look better and make better choices. Don’t underestimate your own power to pull yourself out of a downward spiral of ageing and get yourself back on track to live a full and healthy life.
Chapter 1: Ageing Doesn’t Mean You Are Finished!
You may laugh at the television commercial showing a senior lying on the floor and calling, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!,” but falling is one of the most serious things can happen to an older person. The risk is broken bones and the long recovery period it takes to heal – a devastating accident which can fast-forward the ageing clock by years.
Only by taking steps to keep yourself fit and making choices to keep your weight under control and your muscles and bones in the best of health can you expect to beat the ageing clock and live the rest of your life with zest.

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