Give us a Break! Warner’s will.


Warner Leisure’s 7 country hotels are open to welcome you this Spring. Take  an April or May Spring Break.

Some bookings are still available for Easter.

Explore the Jurassic Coast, Sherwood Forest or the Yorkshire Dales.

Get the sand between your feet on a stroll along the beaches at Hayling Island, Isle of Wight or the Suffolk Coast. Fresh air, great views.

In the mix is simply an unforgettable recipe for good food, entertainment, and relaxed surroundings.

Prices held until 2nd April, so book now!WarnersLeisure Hotels.


You can save up to £350 per room in 2015 with Warner, plus you’ll receive an extra £10 saving per person when you quote your Senior Railcard promo code ‘PHCSRC’.

And that’s not all, as a Railcard holder you’ll also benefit from:

Half price holiday protection plan
Deposit of only £65 per person*
No booking fees
No credit card charges



Ease into the Mediterranean diet today

cestino di pane con verdure - dollarphotoclub
cestino di pane con verdure – dollarphotoclub


Media headlines often tell it all:

Sensible diet cuts heart attack risk within weeks (The Times)

Obesity threatens chronic ill health in older age

Dire warning of [adult] obesity as [youngsters] pile on the pounds(The Daily Mail)

but many of us still don’t respond to the headlines, or even read the rest of the article,news item,or report we maybe reading.

Despite the sheer volume of scientific evidence written today about the likely consequences of poor diet Continue reading Ease into the Mediterranean diet today

Focus on the public face of dementia

iQoncept @dollar photo club
iQoncept @dollar photo club


Much has been said lately about the scourge of dementia in all its forms.And now,just a few days ago,Sir Terry Pratchett,author of the fantasy book series Discworld, and recently often considered a public face of dementia, passed away. He had been diagnosed in 2007 with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, an estimated 850,000 people currently suffer from dementia in the UK.The government is promising a new,long term strategy focused on boosting research,improving care and raising awareness of dementia. Not before time a deep searching light is to be shone on this growing mental disease which threatens to grow into a worldwide epidemic. Continue reading Focus on the public face of dementia

Are your hydrangeas ready for Spring?


Hydrangea set

Yesterday the sun was out and the sky was that wonderful blue you can experience in late winter before the spring. Stirred into action, I opened the tool shed for the secateurs and headed for the lacecap hydrangea bushes in my garden.The air was dry and cool, but not overly so, and frost was not expected overnight. Continue reading Are your hydrangeas ready for Spring?

5 or more things for baby boomers to consider when making travel plans


Have you got itchy feet? Raring to go on that holiday you’ve always promised yourself?Maybe you are a seasoned traveller, but are looking for fresh ideas to satisfy your wanderlust. Well you have come to the right place.Here are a few things to consider to help you make the right travel arrangements to suit you. Continue reading 5 or more things for baby boomers to consider when making travel plans

Keeping purpose in your laterlife

Vector silhouettes of man.

A recent management magazine article inspired this post. The word purpose sprang out. So without entering into a sermon, what does it really mean – purpose? It could be said young people have by dint of youth purpose in their lives: to grow-up,expand their horizons,achieve ambitions, have families, help others, and so on. But what about older people in later life? Continue reading Keeping purpose in your laterlife

Great Life Expectancies


Born 1902 in Russia, Max Lerner, American journalist,writer and educator contributed as a columnist for the Los Angeles Times over period of 20 years.

He is quoted as saying:  “I want to die young at an advanced age.”

I can relate to that.

He was known as a ‘possibilist’ , one who was considered neither an optimist nor a pessimist.

Max died in 1992 aged 89.